Facial Surgery Post Operative

General Instructions

After having any type of facial surgery, it will be very important to follow the care and instructions given to you by Dr. Bourget and his staff. The following instructions should be followed in accordance with any specific postoperative instructions provided to you by your surgeon.

  • All incisions must be kept clean.
  • Prescribed ointments should be applied 2 to 3 times daily or as per instructed.
  • You should sleep with your head elevated for 2 to 3 nights.
  • Apply ice to the surgical area for 48 hours after procedure. 
  • Alternate ice 20-30 minutes on, 20-30 minutes off. This will minimize and reduce swelling.
  • If you are given a facial “bra”, you should wear it for the next 2 weeks as much as possible to help reduce swelling and maintain the healing process. Only remove the bra  to do your morning and evening care, for eating or doing errands. Otherwise it should be worn. 
  • You will be seen the day after surgery for postoperative evaluation and revision of care and instructions. You will then be scheduled for your postoperative suture removal. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your  recovery, please call Dr. Bourget or his staff at 1-902-334-0700.