Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is very important, so that you may discuss with Dr. Bourget your diagnosis and treatment options.

Because a lot of the procedures are done as a team with your family doctor, dentist or orthodontist we require that you be reffered to our clinic by a professional, with the exception of cosmetic procedures. You may have your referral slip and x-rays (if applicable) sent to us or you may bring them along with you. Please bring a list of medications you are presently taking.

woman eyes black and white Cosmetic procedures are very individualized procedures, therefore Dr. Bourget will explain to you the different types of surgeries, injections, laser resurfacing, and/or liposuction, the best method for you will be discussed at that time. The doctor will suggest the procedure that he feels would best conform with the look you want and the change you would like. Photos and x-rays may be taken.

Medical conditions should be brought to the doctors attention (high blood pressure, blood clotting problem’s, tendency to form excessive scars, etc.).

Make sure you provide all information about medication on your questionnaire, including aspirin, vitamins and any natural products that you are taking. It is very important to advise the staff if you are a smoker, since this affects the healing of your surgery.

If a professional has referred you, they will promptly receive a letter outlining our findings and the course of treatment. We encourage you to return to your referring doctor after our specialized care is complete.

*All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation.