Skin Care Products


VivierSkin® is quite simply the world’s #1 Vitamin C line.  VivierSkin is the only medical grade skin care brand that combines the powerful benefits of the world’s #1 patented Vitamin C serums   (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) with pharmaceutical grade cleanser, toners, eye therapy products, moisturizers, advanced sun protection products, body care and complete skin care systems.  Read more.

SkinTx SKIN TREATMENT SYSTEM®  is a medical grade daily skin restoration system that helps correct hyperpigmentation, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone, skin laxity and acne at the cellular level.   SkinTx® helps restore the skin’s vitality by using a powerful combination of Retinoids, Hydroquinone, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) – a unique combination that yields remarkable results. Read more.

SkinTx®(acne treatment)

Medical Grade Acne-Clearing System.  The SkinTx® Acne Treatment System is the first 2-step medical grade acne-clearing system that offers 2 concentrated products containing a unique combination of 3 powerful acne-fighting ingredients.  Read more.

Environ AVST™ range


The AVST™ range is a series of products that provides for a complete skin care program. The moisturisers contain vitamin A and antioxidants including vitamins E and C, Resveratrol and Beta-Carotene. The concentration of vitamins A and C increase in the step-up system of the moisturisers. Consumers are advised to follow the step-up system. Please note: This range is not available in Africa. Click here to read more about the AVST™ range series of products .


Created to give you instant, as well as long term results, Colorescience®, The Core Four, provides aesthetic benefits while acting as an extension of your skin care. In a few simple steps, these products work synergistically to address texture, discoloration and toning. With Colorescience’s Core Four, less does more. Read more.

Guam Seaweed Mud

Guam Seaweed Mud is an effective aid in defeating cellulite. The patented Seaweed Mud formula will stimulate, firm and tone the skin, giving it incomparable, long lasting softness and elasticity. To enhance or speed up your results massage GUAM Mud Based Cream (Fangocrema) into the offending areas on the days you do not have a mud wrap. Renu recommends the GUAM seaweed mud, algascrub and creama gel as your home care package with Accent treatments. Read more.